Ongoing Madness

by Damn The Maps

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These songs are part of an ongoing series recorded in our personal studios.

All music and video is recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Damn the Maps.

All these songs are free. If you enjoy them please share with your friends.

Martin and Nick.


released September 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Damn The Maps Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: For A Moment
We left all the waves and the wind behind
found us a place that they couldn't find
to lie and be quiet again for a moment

Free from the ceaseless machines below
long out of reach of the screaming phone
trying and trying again for a moment

Rain don't collide with this place
pain go reside anywhere but here in our brains
don't deny us this moment
moments away

far from the lights and the siren's howl
miles from the eyes of compliance now
and finally silent again for a moment

away from the roads,
the roars and the rumbles,
shakes and the shoves
now everyone give us a break
just once
for this tiniest moment
moments away
Track Name: Application To The Real World
At least i can say that i tried
showed up and stood there in line
filled out the forms they required
crossed the T's and dot the I's
Matched up the shirts with the ties
polished up in this disguise
said all i could to get hired
but something didn't feel right

Questioning came from all sides
they tested and pestered and pried
i just kept right on replying
and never looked terrified
applied all the words that they like
smiled at all the right times
endlessly ever denying
that something didn't feel right

So at least i can say that i tried
to get my submission inside
and let them all into my mind and
assimilate with real life
but i never got over the line
an ember was there all the time
a gentle incessant reminding
that something didn't feel right
Track Name: The Answer
We tested, inspected and trialed and analysed
no one wanted to hear
and questioned the best you could say at the time
no one wanted to hear
the evidence collected suggesting it's otherwise
but no one wanted to hear it
they just said that it cant be right
it cant be right

The facts from the fiction were finally recognized
no one wanted to hear
and cracks in the system exposed to the light
no one wanted to hear
an answer so simple it's right in front of them
but no one wanted to hear it
they just said that it cant be right
it cant be right

no one change a thing
cause it's alright
don't stop any machines
yeah it's alright
move on nothing to see here

go right back to sleep
cause it's alright
no excitement please
yeah it's alright
we've got all that you need yeah
just keep living the dream
Track Name: Look Up
Look up, look up, it's all been going on above your head. Look up.
Look up, look up, in ultra-violet and the infra-red. Look up.

Over the lives that keep you occupied.
over the roofs that keep you safe.
over the clouds that seem to always be around
whatever's going down...

Look up, look up, the lights that fly in all the wrong directions, look up.
Look up, look up, the aluminium in all the air. look up.
Track Name: Haven't We Evolved
I thought we'd been over this
now we're back down that road again
didn't we come to some realisation
way back then?
So how in the hell are we still fucking round like this
haven't we learned anything?
something's failing us.
Cant we just...


Are you seriously
telling me nobody's figured out
how to show empathy
Even the animals know that it's better to work as a team.
So why in the world are you wasting your energy
getting aggressive with me?
Wasn't the lesson here
perfectly clear?


We build it all up
and we burn it all down again
and struggle to understand
how it all makes any sense.
So why all the trouble man?
What's all the fuss about?
Cant y'all work it out
and once and for all

Track Name: I Made A Virus
I made a virus
It's right under your nose
and it's found its way in
through your firewall system
you might as well go home now.
Cause nothings gonna work for days
but its working you out
its working everything out

i made a virus
mutates with every sneeze
and there aint no vaccine
no trial prescription
no ancient remedy
that'll stave off my masterpiece
and i just need a reason
to set it free

I made a virus
just because I can
Track Name: Reverse Engineer
well i saw what you did
and i must admit
i was amazed by it all
so i tore it to bits
dissected it
for days and days in a row
then it crystalised
my synthetic replication of whats already been perfectly designed
Now I can do it better than you.

well i heard about
your certain sound
that's drivin' em wild
so i got it home
on a little microphone
and loaded it in the device
well it analysed
out a clever little formula
ill never in a thousand years provide
Now i can do it better than you

Some of us dont
have time for original thought
Just stand on the shoulders
of giants before
but that's my intention
i take your invention
and break it all down
to their parts
and make one exactly the same
with a catchier name
that's faster and lighter and small

I can do it better than you
Track Name: What's My Punishment?
What's my punishment tonight?
The executioner's arrived
We're up in the club and we're having a good time
till I started talking to your wife
i guess we'll step outside.

What's my punishment tonight?
What's my fate that you decide
for saying your rhymes weren't as good as mine
and that you're much smaller in real life?
I guess I'll lose an eye.

Now I'm staring down your nine
and your crew looks kinda wild
I should've known you were a serious guy
and that you're never to be criticized.
I better prepare to die.
Track Name: Retaliation
How it seems to all be over nothing
And how it seems to build and fill your brain
How it seems so hard to walk away
when they're face to face
and eye to eye with you

Now it feels like fire's the only option
your hands are tied
a choice is overdue
a thousand times the voice would say 'do nothing'
but you'll be damned if you'll let them walk over you
Track Name: How Do You Break Down?
Do you wear out?
Do you crumble into sand?
does the salty air
dissolve you where you stand?
when you fall
do you shatter on the floor?
do your lights go out?
do you just not power up anymore?

do you burn?
do you turn back into soil?
what destroys you now
there's no one left to toil on your paint job?
do you stand up to it all?
are you made to last
just until the warranty has passed?

how do you break down?
are you finally fizzling out?
do the vines all twist and twine around
your rusted frame devoured?
do you wind up back in the ground?
what does it take to break you down?
what does it take to break you down?
Track Name: Chemicals
The day you arrived on the scene
we plugged you into the feeding machine.
Injected with dead debris,
you fed on a mix of sugar and powdered protein

Now why wont you sit still?

A diet of white and sweet,
acquired a taste for cola and fries and cheese
and red was your favourite thing,
951, 635 and 150c.

Now why wont you sit still?

Well the doctors arrived after getting the call.
Some teacher decided your little child had so much wrong.
Prescribed some words as long as your arm
designed to hide the side effects of all
the chemicals before,
the chemicals before.

Nobody saw the obvious clues.
Nobody laid out options for you.
Nobody knew what vitamins do.
They're just trying to make you
buy more chemicals.

Nobody dare defy the belief
that only a drug can cure a disease.
Nobody cared what you could achieve.
They're just trying to make you
buy more chemicals.
Track Name: Nightmare
It started in a modest one bedroom apartment
I don't recollect how we got in
but we decided to stay the night
we'd heard the tenants had run off so sudden
something inherently rotten
had left them all terrified.
So we decided to give it a try
my beautiful baby and I.

Darkness filled up the windows like curtains
"there's somebody in here I'm certain" she said
I could feel him but i couldn't see a thing.
Then it hit me
an invisible hand just took me
it gripped and it grabbed and it shook me
and I flew across the room.
I flew across the room!

What a trip
what a thrill
what excitement
come on man hit me again i can take this
i 'aint frightened of you
and we stood there still
in the silence
holding our breath
what's next on the menu?
Let's see what this spectre can do

"let's simmer down" sweet sensible said
"I'm taking a shower lay down on the bed"
"we're making him angry, we're getting him mad
and we're messing with something we don't understand.
Better not get too crazy."
so I lay there impatiently waiting

Suddenly dozens of tiny icicle hands
gripped my hips and my arms and my feet
and I'm stunned I'm paralysed
pinned to the bed
my lips went dead and my hearts just beating like crazy.
But then my body starts spinning at exceptional speeds
and I see you beside me begging the question
"What's wrong baby?"
"What can I do?"
But my mouth wont move and I'm trying to scream out
"Wake me up!"
"Wake me up!"
"Wake me up!"

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